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  • My Kimolos, my paradise...
  • Enchanting Aegean sunsets.
  • Clean, leeward beaches with crystal blue waters.
  • Unique natural beauty. See the sights of Kimolos.
  • Swim and enjoy the rich depths of the island whenever you happen to be.
  • Unique natural beauty. See Tourist information.
  • Goupa, a fishermen’s settlement with “sirmata”.
  • Welcome to Kimolos. General information about Kimolos island.
  • Enchanting view towards Chorio and the nearby Cycladic islands.
  • Approaching Kimolos
  • Quiet adjoining beaches accessible to everyone.
  • If you have a sea craft, explore the island and the secluded beaches on its northern part.
  • Quiet adjoining beaches accessible to everyone.
  • Explore Poliaigos and it's beauty.
  • Clean, leeward beaches with crystal blue waters.
  • Clean, leeward beaches with crystal blue waters.
  • Quiet adjoining beaches accessible to everyone.

The Website of the Municipality of Kimolos

  • Access – Going to

    Access – Going to

    You can visit Kimolos Island by ship, speedboat, or even a flight through Milos Island. You can visit Kimolos from Piraeus port, Crete and other islands of Cyclades.
  • The sights of Kimolos

    The Sights of Kimolos

    In spite of its small size, Kimolos has a lot of attractions, a Medieval Castle, Museums, orthodox churches, picturesque fishing settlements with the “sirmata” (caves where boats are kept), water spas, the geological monument Skiadi and many more to discover.
  • Beaches


    Clean, leeward beaches easily accessible to everyone, with sand, with pebbles, with shallow or deep water, with rocks from which you can dive or next to water spas, with shade from thrifts and lentisks or even sunbeds, Kimolos satisfies every need for sea and swimming. They have one thing in common though… clean, crystal blue waters.
  • The saint of Kimolos: Osia Methodia

    The Saint of Kimolos: Osia Methodia

    Born by pious parents on November 10th 1861 at Kimolos, she was the third child from the eight in her family. She was baptized Irene and from a very young age she stood out by her piety, modesty and love towards the Church.
  • Chorio and the settlements

    Chorio - Settlements

    Kimolos from the ancient times had only one city. So, even today it has only one: Chorio (and not Chora as some insist on calling it, influenced by the other islands).
  • Local flavors and products

    Local flavors & products

    Ladenia, tirenia, elenia and kolokithenia are some delicacies of Kimolos Island. You can try local honey, nougat, xino (sour fresh skim-milk cheese), manoura (dry cheese wrapped with grapes must), caper and tomato paste.
  • Το Σκιάδι


    On the northwestern part of Kimolos, west of the “Sklavos” height, there is a huge stone mushroom, which the people of the island call “Skiadi”. A natural monument that lies in the middle of a barren plateau with excellent view.
  • churches

    Orthodox churches

    In spite of its small size, Kimolos is filled with churches. Not one or two, but eighty churches and chapels were erected with toil and faith by the religious people of the island.


The adventurers and the seamen!
The lovers of wild beauty, rocks,
the images of Elytis!

On the golden beaches with the lilies and the thrifts,
at the white little houses of Chorio with the flowered yards,
under the moonlight on calm nights with the sea breeze,
at the charming country churches and the old paths,
under the Cycladic light, the warm “good mornings”,
enchanted by the treasures of the deep blue,
you will also love
the small, silver stroke of the brush in the Aegean.

Text: George A. Ventouris, Despoina Athanasiadou-Ventouri