The Afentakeion Foundation

The Afentakeion FoundationThe Great Benefactor George Nikolaos Oikonomou Afentakis occupies, undoubtedly, a prominent place in contemporary history of Kimolos and in the hearts of the people of the island. George Nikolaos Oikonomou Afentakis came from a family of clergymen and having spent his life in difficult times he was a man courageous and philanthropist. He and his wife, Eleftheria Versi, taking compassion on the suffering of their fellow men took care of them through various charitable works and through donations.

Characteristic of his actions and worthy to be mentioned until the present say is the fact that when the daughter of his brother Konstaninos, Sophia Afentaki, passed away he invited the acclaimed sculptor Giannoulis Chalepas in order to immortalize his niece in sculpture. The Great Benefactor was the reason why Sofia Afentaki was immortalized as the “Sleeping Girl” by Chalepas.

He and his wife, living in Athens at Kifissias Avenue, were active members of the Municipality, since George Ikonomou Afentakis served as municipal council of the Municipality of Athens for a series of years.

He donated this residence to the Nursing Home of Athens, in order to relieve the suffering of his fellow men.

The Afentakeion FoundationGeorge Ikonomou Afentakis, having spent his whole life to charity, retired in July 1895 in order to write his last will and testament, anticipating that even after his death his fortune would be used in such a way as to help his fellow men. The will of this Great Benefactor is a historical text and later was the charter map of the Afentakeion Foundation of Kimolos. In 1934 the approval of the plans for the erection of the Nursing House for the Poor essentially fulfilled the wish of the Great Benefactor.