Chorio & the Settlements of Kimolos

Chorio of Kimolos

Kimolos from the ancient times had only one city. So, even today it has only one:
(and not Chora as some insist on calling it, influenced by the other islands).

The Settlement of PsathiSmaller settlements that are inhabited mainly in the summer, while in the winter few of them have residents: Psathi (port), Goupa, Kara, Prasa, Aliki, Bonatsa and Dekas. Several of the permanent residents who after their retirement returned to their island, free from obligations, to get a new lease of life in their little paradise, spending their time with farming, stockbreeding or fishing.

Young men are mainly involved with the mines of Kimolos and Milos, they are craftsmen, merchants, fishermen, seamen and almost all of them farmers.

For the children there is a kindergarten, elementary and high school.The Settlement of Goupa

At Chorio there is no great central square but several smaller ones like:
Theoskepasti, Giorgila (with a well), Kambos (where the Children’s Playground is), while, the largest one, of the School, has beautiful view and is ideal for someone to watch the full moon of August rising.

Opposite the church of Odigitria there is the new Archaeological Museum and in the Castle the Folklore Museum .

The Settlements of Aliki and BonatsaOn the road from Psathi to Chorio stands the dominating building of the Nursery Home of George Oikonomou Afentakis, Great Benefactor of the island.

Text: George A. Ventouris, Despoina Athanasiadou-Ventouri

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