Kimolos - Recipes of Kimolos

The well known LadeniaAmarathenies: Tirenies with amaranthKolokithenies (or Flaounes)


Eating and... learning!!!

The well known LadeniaBy tasting the traditional dishes of a place one has the opportunity to learn about the environment, the productive capabilities, economy, history and social development in the most tasteful of ways.
Away from the globalization of taste, the degeneration of the criteria of taste and the simultaneous deterioration of quality, the traditional dishes of Kimolos offer an awakening of the senses and will surprise pleasantly whoever decides to explore them with their simplicity, imagination and “advanced” combinations.

Text: George A. Ventouris, Despoina Athanasiadou-Ventouri

Recipes of Kimolos. Download file (pdf in Greek language)