The beaches of Kimolos - excursions

If you have enough time, visit all the beaches on the island because they are unique.

(See the Assessment of bathing water quality according to the Ministry of Environment, energy & climate change)

*after noting that Psathi is also a beach,
With car and course from Chorio to East and North you will encounter:


Near Chorio a natural swimming pool with an excellent scenery provided by the rocks, Rematonisia and “Sirmata” (caves, carved into the soft rock where they keep the boats during the winter). Lee shore, next to the Goupa settlement suitable for people of all ages.
The beach at RemaThe beach at Rema



After Goupa, suitable for dives.
The rocks at KarasThe rocks at Karas



Even though it is open to the north wind, you will love it. With large pebbles and plenty of shade due to its thrifts.
The beach at KlimaThe beach at Klima



Amazing beach with white, thick sand (both in and out) and turquoise waters. At the entrance of the settlement there are baths.
The beach at PrasaThe beach at Prasa



Open to the north wind but you can walk to the nearby leeward beach, Soufi.
The beach at MonastiriaThe beach at Soufi


From Chorio and with a southwest direction:


Aliki: (pebbles, sand), Bonatsa: (sand), Kalamitsi (double beach with pebbles and sand)

Long kilometers with thrifts and lentisks, the most popular beaches onthe island save Psathi, shallow waters and, like every beach, extremely clean.

The beach at AlikiThe beach at Bonatsa
The beach at KalamitsiThe beach at Kalamitsi


Dekas, Ellinika, Mavrospilia

Route on a country road (dirt road). Aspragremna are excellent for artistic photographs. You will have the opportunity to see the ancient city and the tombs. Mavrospilia will be an unforgettable experience.
The beach at MavrospiliaSunset at Mavrospilia


If you happen to be in possession of a sea craft or you decide to make the trip round the island in a trawler or the sea taxi you can visit the following beaches, if the weather allows it because they are open to north winds:


Gerakia Cave

This is not a beach, but an exotic cave at the promontory of Gerakia. You can dive from the boat to wonderful turquoise waters and you can “explore”, walking through the shallow waters, the cave.
Gerakia CaveGerakia Cave


Agioklima (with a hot spring flowing at the waterside), Therma, Mersinia, Zefokalamo and almost any bay you will encounter.

The beach Agioklima at ThermaThe beach Agioklima at Therma


Of course, if you have a sea craft Kimolos has a lot more opportunities for swimming at various locations. Whenever you like the scenery dive in without fear and enjoy the sparkling waters.

Text: George A. Ventouris, Despoina Athanasiadou-Ventouri

Determination of marine areas for the washing of dominant pet animals.

Decision 81 / 15-11-2014 of the Municipal Council of Kimolos.

  1. Beach "Pigados" position 36ο 48 55.87 N position 34ο 35 32.05 E
  2. Beach "Ennias" position 36ο 46 38.19 N position 24ο 34 1.84 Ε
  3. Beach "Dekas" position 36ο 47 3.54 N position 24ο 3151.27 Ε