Route 4

Route: Chorio - Perrou col - Monastiria and Soufi beach


Degree of difficulty:easy



The route starts at the upper edge of Chorio. At Agios Efstathios church take the cement road on the left until the junction to the chapel of Agios Dimitrios.

Continue on the well defined cobbled path. The path moves parallel to the slope until it reaches a small stream and then climbs steeply to a ridge with views to the area of Perrou.

Continue for a while on the path then on the dirt road leading to Perrou col where 4 roads converge (signposts photo 11).



photo 11


Follow the dirt road leading northeast (passing by the turn for path [5] to Agioklima beach) and turn on the downhill cobble stone path leading to the riverbed.

The path crosses the riverbed several times. The last section of the path has been widened and is now a dirt road.




Monastiria is a wonderful sandy beach (signpost photo 15).



photo 15


You can continue to the next beach, Soufi, from left edge of the coast following the waymarkers [4] & [7]. After 15 minutes you will reach the sandy cove of Soufi, well protected from winds. On the coast there are tamarisks and two houses.


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Text and photos: Kimolos Highschool Environmental Team