Route 7

Route: Chorio - Roupas - Monastiria - Soufi


Degree of difficulty:difficult



The route starts from the edge of the village, on the right side of Agios Efstathios church (signpost, photo 23).


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photo 23


The route starts as a cement road then turns into a dirt road.

It reaches the stream flowing in the valley below Chorio.

There is on your right a stone bridge of excellent technique, the only one to be found on Kimolos.

Continue on the cobbled path that goes by huts and fields and ends in a dirt road.



On the dirt road take first take the junction to the left, then the junction to the right, and then turn left.

Leave the road and take the cobbled path until you reach a few stone-built houses.

From there continue on the small road to Roupas junction.

The dirt road here comes from Perrou col. Follow the road to the right (downhill).

It is a wide but very steep dirt road with views towards Monastiria beach.

At the end of the road is the chapel of Panagia Monastiriotissa.

Shortly after, you reach the sandy beach Monastiria where you can swim or continue hiking to the next beach, Soufi.


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