Workers’ Union of Kimolos

It is based on Kimolos with 20 active members.

The Union’s objective is:

  • The financial improvement of the members and the working conditions.
  • Their insurance protection and the advancement of their educational and cultural level as well as their class consciousness.
  • The defence of all their rights, financial, social, syndicalist, political and democratic freedom and their consolidation.
  • The development of solidarity among the members and collaboration with other associations for promoting common objectives.
  • The continuous and methodical effort for the complete application of the provisions of the Constitution and International conventions regarding syndicalist freedom and g
  • The defence in general of the Greek workers, part of which are the members of the Union.
  • The effort for the unity of the syndicalist movement, the improvement of the workers’ legislation so that the rights of workers will be better protected.
  • The final objective is achieving social justice with the abolition of the exploitation of man by man.

Postal Address: Workers’ Union of Kimolos – 840 04 Kimolos, Cyclades
Telephone and Fax: 2287051667