Kimolos - General Information

  • Threshing floor and view of ChorioThe area of the island is 36 km2 and the length of the coasts is 38 km with a lot of bays, small islands, sandy and rocky beaches and numerous sea caves.
  • The shape of the island is an almost regular pentagon.
  • The terrain is hilly with highest summit Paliokastro ((365 m).
  • It has approximately 600 permanent residents, most of which live at Chorio.
View of Chorio
Kimolos has an infirmary with two doctors and an ambulance, pharmacy, heliport, one of the safest in the Cyclades, biological cleaning of wastes, landfill waste area, police station, Post Office and Hellenic Post Bank, two ATMs, bus, taxi, sea taxi, gas station, hotels, apartments-rooms to let and stores.


Text: George A. Ventouris, Despoina Athanasiadou-Ventouri

UnderwaterThe boat of Themis at AlikiGoupaView of ChorioTraditional wood ovenCountry ChurchPlow (Utensil) in a caveHidewayFishermen