Municipality of Kimolos - Thanks


With the completion and the beginning of operation of our island’s web site,, the President and the Municipality Council of Kimolos would like to thank the following:

  1. Ms Despoina Athanasiadou – Ventouri and Mr. George Antoniou Ventouris for their continuous social contribution, since they wrote the information texts and the texts for the presentation of the island, they enriched these texts with videos (Skiadi) and numerous photographs from  their personal archive about Kimolos, they edited and shaped, in collaboration with the creator-responsible Mr. Andreas Nikolaos Petrakis, the complete image of the island, an image through which Kimolos, a small silvery stroke of the brush in the Aegean, appears impressively and in a complete form on the wondrous and large world of the Internet.
  2. Ms Elisabeth Vamvakari, Ms Fileni Lorandou, Ms Maira Papaspirou, and Mr. Konstantinos Zanetis, Mr. Nikolaos Psillis, Mr. Nikolaos Chalkiopoulos, Mr. Apostolos L. Ventouris, Mr. Stavros Ventouris, Mr. Filippos Zanetis, Mr. Ilias Kroupis, Mom – Mr. Evamgelos Paravas, Mr. Dimitrios Marinakis, Mr. Dimitrios Sardis for the photographs that so kindly and willingly provided, which adorn the web site.
  3. The Prefectural Administration of Cyclades and the TV show “Girismata” from the TV station SKAI and for granting us videos that deal with Kimolos.
  4. Mr. Stilianos Athanasiou for providing us a video entitled “A sea turtle at Mavrospilia”.
  5. The Board of Trustees of the Afentakeion Foundation for granting us the right to publish a topographic sketch of the Medieval Castle of Kimolos, which is at the 1st volume of the eight volume work of the Foundation, edited by the late priest Giannis Ramfos, entitled “Kimoliaka”.

Kimolos 25 March 2009