Route 1

Route: Chorio - Seladi - Mavrodassos - Ellinika Beach


Degree of difficulty: easy


 At the upper edge of the village, after the OTE office (signpost, photo 9), follow the cement road to the left and then a trail starting along the stream, that ends higher on the dirt road, which you follow for 1 km until the beginning of the cobbled path.


 foto9 smaller

Photo 9 - Wooden signposts show the path destinations at all major crossroads.


The signpost (photo 5) leads to the well-preserved cobbled path between olive groves and vineyards.


Photo 5


The path descends and continues in the dry riverbed.

Soon you leave the riverbed and go up among tall dry stone walls - this place is called Mavrodassos.

The olive groves are slowly thinning and the view over the northern coast of Milos unfolds in front of you.

The path continues between terraces, while on your left you can still see the stream. After a while you will see the Ellinika beach from above and reach it from a dirt road.


Return: From Ellinika beach you can walk to Dekas beach and take the bus to Chorio.

There is also a possibility to continue from Ellinika beach (photo 1) to Mavrospilia beach.


Photo 1


At the end of Mavrospilia beach there is a dirt road where route [2] ends. Follow it you to reach Skiadi and from there Chorio.

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Text and photos: Kimolos Highschool Environmental Team