Route 2

Route:Chorio - Skiadi - Mavrospilia beach


Degree of difficulty: easy up to Skiadi, then medium.



The first section is the same as route [1]. From the sign to Ellinika beach, continue 250 meters on the dirt road and you come across a sign (the beginning of the routes [2], [3] and [6] photo 6).



 photo 6


Follow shortly a narrow dirt road and then a cobbled path in very good condition among olive groves, fields and picturesque dry stone walls.

A little further down from two old farmhouses, you will come across a junction for route [3] (signpost).

Continue on the main path past the next junction leading to Makropounta and Vroulidia beaches (Routes [6] and [6A]) then slightly downhill to the south.

When you reach a farmhouse, the landscape changes and you start walking on rocky terrain without vegetation.

The strange geological formations are an introduction to what you will see in a while on the hill in front of you: the «Skiadi» photo 7), a giant stone mushroom made of volcanic rocks, a unique geological formation; Its name is an alteration of the word shadow and indeed you can rest under it.


 foto7 skiadi smaller

 photo 7


From «Skiadi», follow the sign [2] on a descending slope with no clear path (photo 4) until you reach the bed of a small stream.


foto4 smaller

photo 4


Cross the stream, go directly uphill then turn left until you find again a cobbled path used by the island’s farmers. You are overlooking the coast of Milos and some beautiful deserted stone farmhouses (photo 8).



 photo 8


Follow the path downhill and reach the bed of a stream that has been turned into a dirt road.

It leads you to the westernmost edge of Mavrospilia beach, where there are some houses and at the far end a sandy beach with tamarisks.


Return: You can continue from the beach of Mavrospilia to Ellinika and from there to the bus stop at Dekas beach or follow route [1]uphill towards Chorio.

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Text and photos: Kimolos Highschool Environmental Team