Route 3

Route :Horio - Paleokastro - Agioklima


Degree of difficulty: medium to difficult



The first part of the route is the same as route [2]. 800 m from where you leave the dirt road at Seladi, follow the sign (photo 13) that points to route [3] in a northern direction.



photo 13


After 450 m there is a junction and a stone farmhouse. Continue on the central path marked [3] heading north among old stone buildings.

At Kefales (photo 10) this path has an impressive view of almost all sides of the island.



photo 10


Along the path there is a rainwater collecting basin, carved on the bedrock, called «abourdektis» and a little further another path to the highest peak of the island, Paliokastro, where are ruins of an ancient castle and a cave carved in the rock.

Descend among olive groves, terraced cultures, dry stone walls and well preserved threshing floors. A little further down there is a
house carved on the rock (photo 14).



photo 14


Continue through terraces with olive trees into the ravine that gives access to Kastro beach.

From the left end of the beach swim to another small beach where hot mineral water spouts through the sand. Or continue steadily for 15 minutes northeast to find the next beach, Agioklima with two large tamarisks.

Return: There is the possibility of a round trip: from Agioklima beach follow route [5] via Panagia Chimeli and the col of Perrou to Chora.

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Text and photos: Kimolos Highschool Environmental Team