Route 5

Route:Chorio - Chimeli - Agioklima Beach


Degree of difficulty:easy



The first part of the route is the same as Route [4] until the col of Perrou.

From here follow a downhill cobbled path that reaches the dirt road and a water reservoir. From here starts a well-built cobbled path (photo 17) that passes by the chapel of Panagia Chimelis and continues to reach the col with views towards the slopes above Monastiria.


 foto17 smaller

 photo 17

The trail continues level for approximately 20 min until it reaches a wide rocky surface with views to the northern side of the island.

The path is literally carved in the rock (photo 20).


 foto20 smaller

 photo 20


At the col, turn left -there are some ruined farmhouses to your right- and descend.

The path passes by ruined farmhouses and olive groves and ends up at Agioklima Beach where you will find two tamarisks for shade, fine sand and crystal clear waters.

Return: There is the possibility of a circular path if you climb left edge of the beach and follow the path heading south which passes over the Kastro beach and climbs to Kefales following Route 3, meets Route 2 and descends to Chorio.

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