Route 6

Route: Chorio - Patelida - Makropounta beach


Degree of difficulty:difficult



The first part of the route is the same as Routes [2] and [3].

500 meters after the junction with Route [3], (signpost, photo 21) leave the main trail and take a northeast descend on smooth and open terrain.



photo 21


In another 500 meters there is a junction. The northern branch is path [6A] descending on the side of a stream and leading to Vroulidia beach and from there to Therma beach.




The western branch is path [6] passing from a plateau, a «patelida» in the local dialect, with threshing floors and scattered ruined farmhouses and a nice view to the beach.

From the second farmhouse continue downhill smoothly on a ridge and when you reach a ruined hut, head southwest and then west to Makropounta beach.


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